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Nov 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
own probe. controls the funding of medicare and medicaid to hospitals. they can fine, and shut down hospitals if they find problems that aren't later fixed. >>> bay area÷ú philippinos gearg up for anb major relief effort after one of the strongest storms slammed into the philippines. ap reported at least 100 people have been killed hundreds of thousands more cut out power and communications to thousands of others with gusts up to 170 miles per hour. but did move on quickly before causing more damage. abc7 news reporter takes a look at relief efforts. >> reporter: some organizations started to ask for donations red cross is watching, and waiting to see how things develop. filipino channel in redwood city reported how the bay area is reacting to the deadly typhoon in the philippines. information on howr to help victims also posted. henry is a reporter there her family is back in the philippines. >> just the fact you don't hear from them. that makes you more tense yod just want to hear their voice, to know they're okay. >> it caused hundreds of thousands of people to leave their home
Nov 13, 2013 7:00pm PST
committee to preserve social security and medicare. >> denying benefits based on the dollar rule was wrong we thought in fairness, demanded that it be repealed. >> i feel like this is a time of celebration and i feel it's about time. now, one of the significant benefits being offered now to same-sex married couple sechlz panneded social security benefits. if you have questions we have e mail addresses and a bunch of other information on abc7 under seven on your side. along with that, we have forms you can file claims to get it going. >> tonight at 11:00 new imaging tools can turn an exam room into a virtual time machine. i'll give you a three d view before you make a final decision. >> that is at loeshg. coming up next, back in a moment. aa@a@##h@ >>> hackathons are all the rage, programming in the hopes of winning prizes or designing next big thing. >> today, jonathan bloom twoent a hackathon with a twist aimed at exploding community of inventors. >> most about writing code on computers but this is about hot glue guns and little wires they're calling it a makathon >> so ma
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2